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AgiPad by JayPets is the most sensitive running contacts mat on the market. It is an electronic device that can be strategically attached to dogwalks, and used to improve your dog’s competitive speed and accuracy.

When you attach AgiPad to a dogwalk, it recognises the most subtle paw touch with 100% accuracy, regardless of whether your dog is a St. Bernard, a Collie or a Chihuahua.
It is based on unique sensitive capacitive principle, unlike the less reliable pressure solution of conventional running contacts mats.

AgiPad is guaranteed to detect touches in its entire area, including touches on the edge of the pad. As soon as your dog touches the pad, the touch is immediately reported via a simple tone with an adjustable volume, allowing you to know for certain that your dog has hit its mark.

AgiPad comes in three sizes, both with a 5mm thickness, and is made of rubber with a non-slip surface. The pads can easily be buckled to dogwalks without your dog knowing that they’re there. When training is over, the pads can be rolled up, stored and carried in a durable travelling case.

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Code: A0002
Category: AgiPad
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 1.065 kg

Length/width - 45cm / 30cm
Thickness - 5mm 

Material - rubber

Surface - Anti-slip

Colour - black

Fastening - Straps with metal buckles
Weight - 1054g

Response time max.50ms

Power: 3xAA
Adjustable volume

AgiPad S

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SF Avatar of author | 05/03/2023
Agipad is great for working running contacts,super grip and precision, the only thing I would change is time of the sound(beep) a little bit longer I think it's better
JW Avatar of author | 25/01/2023
This is a good quality product that works well. I live in the UK and was ordering the product from Jaypets who are based in the Czech Republic. Whilst the order process was unusual, it was quite straightforward. I ordered on the website but didn't pay on the website. Jaypets sent me a link via email and I paid for the product and the shipping (but not customs duty nor VAT) via the link. I chose to pay in Euros direct from my Euro bank account but other UK customers should be able to pay in Euros from a sterling credit card. As the UK is now out of the EU, the VAT and customs duty has to be paid on delivery so I had to factor in those costs separately. The product arrived within 2 weeks and was well packaged.
CF Avatar of author | 13/01/2023
Commandé le jeudi arrivé, arrivé le mardi. Un emballage de très haute qualité. Un mode d'emploi en français est fourni avec ainsi que les 3 piles nécessaire. La zone s'installe simplement et très efficace avec sa précision. Reste plus qu'à travailler et progresser. Point négatif, le tapis n'apprécie pas le minimum d'eau. Un autre moyen de paiement serait appréciable pour éviter les frais banquaire.
JM Avatar of author | 20/12/2022
Die Lieferung war sehr schnell. Das Produkt ist tip top und funktioniert einwandfrei. Ich bin zufrieden ????
SH Avatar of author | 31/10/2022
It works very nice, it´s a great help when running courses and training running contacts.
TK Avatar of author | 21/10/2022
Really love that the mat is touch sensitive even on the very edge!
DM Avatar of author | 14/10/2022
Très contente de cette zone, de pouvoir régler la sensibilité, délai de réception très rapide commandée le dimanche reçu le vendredi qui a suivi Je recommande
OC Avatar of author | 25/09/2022
Tout à fait satisfait ! Produit conforme à mes attentes
GF Avatar of author | 17/09/2022
Vers good
DF Avatar of author | 31/08/2022
Super produit arrivé rapidement . Ma chienne a déjà bien compris , parait de très bonne qualité. Bip réglable et sensibilité super .
SH Avatar of author | 11/08/2022
It arrived very quickly, and was easy to use. Dogs are very eager to get their chance to try, and they quickly learned the meaning of the beep. We are only in process of touch on ground, but are looking forward to try on dogwalk ;O)))
ES Avatar of author | 07/07/2022
The product(Jaypet small) met my expectations to 100%. The calibration worked very well also with my target carpet on top. The delivery time from Jaypet was very fast aswell. The sound is loud and clear so you can hear it from some distance.
LB Avatar of author | 24/06/2022
Fantastic product! Extremely well made, looks like it will be very durable. The mat has excellent traction, and is extremely quick to respond to touch. Volume control is the best! Can turn it down for sensitive dogs or indoors, or turn it up for noisy environments. Love it!
G Avatar of author | 17/06/2022
Works just perfectly, great quality and easy set up. I'm fully satisfied
MB Avatar of author | 23/04/2022
Fantastic product and fast postage. Love it.
TF Avatar of author | 05/04/2022
EB Avatar of author | 17/03/2022
fits perfectly on the walking dog and it is very precise. I really recommend
NP Avatar of author | 15/03/2022
Buena calidad de material, sensibilidad alta al tocar el perro y con muy buena calidad-regulación del sonido. El agarre del perro es espectacular y se queda muy bien ajustado a la pasarela.
AA Avatar of author | 05/03/2022
Excellent ????
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