AgiPad v1.1 Manual

Package contents:

​1 x Touch Sensing Mat
1 x Controller
1 x Travel Packaging
1 x Cinnection cable
3 x AA battery (inserted in controller)
1 x This manual


1. Take the AgiPad Mat and Controller out of the Travel packaging.
2. Attach the Mat to the obstacle in the area of the Zone.* Fasten the straps firmly under the obstacle.
3. Connect the Mat And the Controller with the Connection cable: **
    1. Plug the “L” shaped connector to the socket on the Mat side. (Fig. 1)
    2. Plug the “I” shaped connector to the socket on the Controller side. (Fig. 2)
4. Hang the box by the upper strap under the obstacle.

* IMPORTANT: AgiPad was developed, tuned and tested for use on an obstacle. Other uses are possible but not warranted.

** WARNING: The Connecion cable is assembled with JACK audio plugs. Do not connect the AgiPad Mat to a device other than the AgiPad Controller. Likewise, do not connect any device other than AgiPad Mat to the AgiPad
controller. Such an approach might lead to unpredictable behaviour or damage to the product.




1. Move the power switch of the Controller to the “I” position - ON.
2. Calibration of the optimal sensitivity of the AgiPad
    1. During the first 10 seconds after switching AgiPad ON, touch the upper surface of the Mat and press gently.
    2. You will hear a specific sound indicating a successful calibration.
3. Adjust the volume as needed with the volume knob.

* ADVICE 1: For the maximum sensitivity, do not touch the Mat during the calibration period. After 10 seconds the calibration is done, you will hear the same specific sound and the AgiPad will continue at maximum sensitivity.

* ADVICE 2: For the lightest dogs (less than 3 kg), we recommend calibrating directly with them or keeping the maximum sensitivity.

* ADVICE 3:  In case of the heavier dogs, the maximum sensitivity might lead to an erroneous touch evaluation caused by vibrations of the obstacle.

Watch out for:

  • The Controller is not waterproof. Protect from rain, for example by hanging under an obstacle.
  • The Mat can withstand a small amount of water on its surface (light rain). Larger amounts of water (immersion in a puddle) will cause the Mat to malfunction.To restore the functionality, dry the Mat thoroughly.  Prolonged immersion of the Mat in water or other liquid may affect its life. Therefore, try to avoid such situations.
  • Be sure to turn off the AgiPad after your workout. This will significantly extend the life of the batteries.

Protect the cable against damage

  • Grasp the rigid plug of the cable between your fingers (Fig. 3)
  • Do not pull the cable (Fig. 4)
  • Do not break the cable (Fig. 5)





The One-Beep-Per-Run feature ensures that AgiPad signalises only the first touch in a run. The One-Beep-Per-Run feature reduces the possibility of multiple beeps caused by two or more steps on the Mat in one run, which could confuse you and your dog.

NOTE: If you test the AgiPad with your finger, be sure to wait at least 0.5 seconds before touching the Mat again.

Warnings and notifications

Mat connection error

  • Three decreasing tone beeps, the error is reminded every 10 seconds
  • Reason: The signal between the Mat and the Controller was lost or not detected.
  • Solution:
        - Make sure that the cable is well plugged into the JACK sockets both on the Controller and the Mat side. 
        - This error is irreversible. Restart the Controller.

Signal error

  • Three high level tone beeps, the error is reminded every 3 seconds
  • Reason: The sensing signal got out of the acceptable range. This happens when, for example, the Mat gets wet.
  • Solution:
       - First, try to dry the Mat with a piece of dry cloth. Focus especially on the seams and edges of the Mat. If the moisture level is low, AgiPad will recover, the         notification will be cancelled and you can continue with your training.
       - If the moisture is high, the notification will continue. In this case, remove the Pad from the barrier, move it to a dry place and let it dry thoroughly before             using it again.
       - If the error is detected during the calibration period (10 seconds after start-up), the error is irreversible. If the error conditions disappear, the audible             
         notification will be terminated. However, AgiPad will not recover in this case and a restart is required.


  • Clean the surface of the Mat by hand with a damp cloth. Heavy soaking, for example by deep immersion, will cause the Mat needs to be dried thoroughly before next use. The lifespan of the Mat may be negatively affected as well.
  • WARNING: Do not attempt to wash the AgiPad in an automatic washing machine or other than as described in this document. It may lead to irreversible damage to the AgiPad.
  • To prolong the life of the AgiPad, we recommend storing the Mat in an unrolled state.