Who are we?

We are a family: two brothers, a cousin and a brother-in-law. Since our childhood, we have been surrounded by dogs. Our grandfather worked as a member of the K9 unit of the Czech Police department, and the family’s love of dogs has been transferred from generation to generation. Dogs have always been our friends and pets, but over time, they have also became our sporting partners. And this sport is Agility.


Dog lover and agility trainer. Klára is the heart of our project. Creating the AgiPad was her idea. She is our core tester, and because she trains dogs competitively, her feedback has made us develop an awesome product.


Dog lover and marketing specialist. Ondra is the creative mind of our project. He develops our visual content and builds our social networks. He is the member of the team who will reply to your emails and answer your questions.


Dog lover and product designer. Marek is the hands of the project. For the last seven years, he designed car turbochargers and high-tech robotic platforms for various purposes. He designed the Agipad, developed the material, and is in charge of the production.


Dog lover and electronic engineer. Ota is the head of the project. He has spent more than ten years developing communication and sensor-based devices, and developed the internal technology of the AgiPad.


He is fast, he is smart, he is brown. He is our love. Our tester and star in our videos


Jimmy is hilarious but not a good dog for agility :-) However, we love him. He is our team mascot, and his special ability is that he can always cheer us up.


Ravi is the youngest member of our crew. Born for running contacts. AgiPad waits for him until he would be ready.