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Response time max.50ms
Power: 4xAA
Adjustable volume More

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AgiPad 2 - Jay LITE is an electronic device, an alarm that is required for the proper functioning of the AgiPad. In order to report a touch, one or two of the AgiPad XS, S, or A pads must be plugged in.
The body is created using 3D printing from PETG material. It has adjustable volume and requires 4x AA batteries for its power supply. The alarm is not waterproof. Please protect it from water. 

Compared to first generation has AgiPad 2 - Jay several significant improvements:
1. You can connected one mat to the control unit but also two pads at the same time This allows the user greater application variability by allowing combinations of different pad sizes.
2. Choice of training modes. You can choose if you want the two connected pads to behave as one large pad (only one tone sounds when touched). Or you can choose to have each pad report the touch separately (each with its own tone).

AgiPad 2 -Jay LITE can't be connected to the Treat & Train.

AgiPad 2 - Jay is fully compatible with all the pads our custommers already own.

!For correct function is needed at least one AgiPad S, XS or A!