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Remote controlled reward system suitable for dog training. More

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The delicious dog training treat dispenser that encourages good behavior

The PetSafe Treat & Train™ Remote Reward Dog Trainer is a remote-controlled reward system that uses positive reinforcement for training dogs to behave appropriately at home. The electronic trainer helps teach calm behavior in distracting situations like visitors at the door or family dinner time. The Treat & Train™ teaches dogs to focus on you using engaging, interactive games that provide exercise and mental stimulation. It enables you to teach your dog to perform almost any behavior, from everyday skills (such as potty training) to specialized skills (such as agility, obedience, service and military work) at a distance.


  • Trains your dog through positive reinforcement
  • Links a treat to desired good behaviour
  • Extendable wand can be used with or without the base
  • Hand-held remote operates up to 100 feet away
  • Battery operated (4 D) sold separately